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Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation Mission is to provide all children in the Orcutt Union School District the opportunities to experience and participate in the visual and performing arts by bringing together community resources.

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A Tribute to Sheila Sales

In Memory of Sheila Sales

May 1944 - March 2023


The Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation (OCAF) would like to thank the Sales family and friends for all their generous donations in honor of Sheila Sales. Sheila was such an avid supporter of OCAF, and we are honored that her family had chosen us to help keep her memory alive.  Please see her beautiful tribute letter below written by her husband, Dr. Mike Sales. OCAF sends our sympathy and may she Rest in Peace.


Sheila Sales was beautiful both inside and out. In her case, that was reality, not a cliché. She moved to Orcutt in 1971 with her husband, Michael A. Sales, DMD, an orthodontist, and quickly integrated herself into the community. Over the years, starting as a youngster, she volunteered in numerous capacities. At hospitals, with the Red Cross in the Philippines, at schools and with multiple community organizations. She knit hundreds of ‘chemo caps’ for cancer patients. Sheila was a kind and caring person who took pride and received joy from helping others. Sheila cared so deeply for the people around her.

Sheila intuitively embraced the arts and creative education for self-discovery and self-nurturing. From the time she was a child, she enjoyed and participated in activities surrounding the arts. She was meticulous with her knitting, talented as a seamstress, loved photography, and fully enjoyed anything involving hand crafted arts.

Perhaps, her greatest impact was on others. Sheila guided and encouraged her own children to develop a keen appreciation for music, art of all forms, and an appreciation for the beautiful things around them. In large part, she developed her interest in supporting the Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation, because she recognized the importance of introducing the arts at an early age so that all children would have the opportunity to expand their horizons and appreciate the limitless bounds of creativity. By Sheila’s example, the world is left better and brighter.

Sheila made an impact on so many lives. She will be forever loved and missed. The colors, sounds, growth and joys that spring forth from the arts are part of what she hoped would be her legacy.

To our beloved OCAF community and supporters,

Since 2002, OCAF has worked diligently to bring visual arts, music, drama, theater, choir, and dance into the classrooms of Orcutt Union School District. OCAF has funded the following Visual and Performing Arts programs from 2018-2022.

  • Visual art supplies for Arts Attack curricula in our K-8 schools

  • Band Uniforms

  • Orff instruments for the OUSD elementary music program

  • Junior High Band Instruments

  • High School Band Instruments

  • Sound System & Wireless Mic’s for OUSD drama/theatre program

  • Teacher Grants for art-related special projects

  • Art related field trips/Art related teacher conferences

  • Dance Training and Instruction for Teachers

  • (2) Scholarships awarded each year to a graduating senior pursuing an education in the arts 

  • High School AP Arts Program

  • Digital Media Supplies

  • Community Murals-Garden Art Projects

  • Ballet Folkloric Dance Instruction at Olga Reed School

  • Choir and Holiday Music Performances

  • Summer Band Camp

  • Empty Bowl Project (High School)

We ask that you take a stand for visual and performing arts education and ensure that, even amid difficult financial decisions, a continued commitment to arts education remains a priority. If you can please donate to OCAF. Every donation helps, now more than ever.  

And finally, we would like to express our deep gratitude to each of you, your generosity, kindness and devotion has allowed OCAF to fulfill our mission for the past 18 years. Support OCAF by visiting our donation page or via mail at 500 Dyer Street, Orcutt, CA 93455. 

Wishing you good health, Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation.

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